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The component department is responsible for maintaining and index of the component storage, and of selling and ordering components. This includes: cables, wires, transformers, measuring equipment, standard components (capacitors, resistors, coils, diodes, transistors, voltage regulators, etc. in a range of sizes), integrated circuits, (more to come).

Component index idea

We need a searchable overview of the components available at the workshop. An idea came upon us when we needed a male-male null modem converter, and wondered it already existed somewhere in the workshop: We should have an overview of all custom built equipment as well.

A computer-database should keep a record of all components, and should be notified when they are added and subtracted. A possible solution could be a portable (wireless) or wired barcode reader available close to the drawers, so that when someone takes a component, all they have to do is pick up the scanner and scan the barcode-print attached inside the respective drawer.

This enables us to be able to search for components, and get information about where the components reside and how many there are left.

Furthermore, the component drawer labels need to be easily readable, and not of different. Today many of them are bleached, writing smeared out, etc. The drawers' alphabetical or numerical sorting should also be rechecked at some point. We probably need a comitee for this.

Anders' brilliant idea: An automated servo-controlled laser points at the relevant drawer after you search to save you the work of manually browsing bad drawer labels.