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PCB production can be done in multiple ways here we will focus on Etch, milling, and Laser milling.

Recipe to make pcb circuits with etching machine


This usually takes about 45 minutes-2 hours depending on the size of the circuits and the user experience.

  1. Draw PCB with CAD tool. For example Eagle or Altium Designer.
  2. Print CAD export on transparent paper.
  3. Find pcb/photoresist plate with desired size.
  4. Light it in the lighting machine.
  5. Put it in the etching machine.
  6. Your're done!

If you want to make holes for through hole components, check out how to use the LABO-drill. And if you need vias to connect the layers, check out the guide on how to use the via via tool.

Order online

If time is not of essence it can be a better choice to order the PCB online. Sites that comparing differnet manufacturing companies;

Produsent WebPage Delivery time Experience
Seeeds Studio [1]
Elprint [3] 2-10 days Tooling cost(~1000 NOK)